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Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

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Tipping wedding vendors often comes with much input, confusing etiquette and varies by the region. While tipping wedding professionals for their services is not expected, it is a generous way to show appreciation for their creative work and dedication in ensuring your wedding is a success.

As you begin planning the wedding budget, remember to factor in line items such as gratuities and tax, as these areas can be left unaccounted for and sneak up later in the planning process.  When it comes down to who should receive a token of your appreciation, consider who went above and beyond to make your wedding day a success.

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Once a year, I discuss the topic of tipping with fellow wedding industry professionals.  The number one response I consistently receive is that they appreciate referrals and a kind review online on sites such as The Knot, Facebook and Google.  This helps wedding professionals generate future business (and vendors love seeing previous couples at future weddings and events).

Remember, that while cash or a sincere gift is always appreciated (and can be given whenever you’d like, regardless of the guidelines outlined below), a kind heart towards your vendors on your wedding day; a heartfelt thank you note post-wedding; and personal referrals to family and friends are the MOST valuable gifts you can give your tried and true wedding vendors. Also, consider posting a message to your social media after your wedding and tag your wedding vendors.

Here are some of my tipping your wedding vendors guidelines to ensure your professionals are properly thanked.


Tipping Wedding Vendors: Delivery

I suggest pre-making envelopes with a thank you card and gratuities inside.  Label each envelope with each designated vendor’s name and ask your wedding planner to deliver the tips to the appropriate professional.  For some vendors, consider mailing a hand-written thank you card with your token of appreciation upon returning from your honeymoon.

Tipping Your Wedding Vendors | Nellie Sparkman Events and Stationery Studio

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