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Vendors with Heart: Olive Events

Vendors With Heart

So often, I see vendors who work tirelessly in this industry, not for the money, but because of the passion and love they truly have for what they do. Every once and awhile, I want to recognize those people that, behind the scenes, exude every ounce of energy to make your wedding day absolutely perfect.

Olive Events offers fresh, innovative and handmade cuisine. They use the freshest and the highest quality ingredients and are committed to making each event unique and the offer the very best for their clients and guests. If you are looking for a catering company that emphasizes creative food along with exemplary service, look no further. A couple of things that we love about Olive Events.


1. Top notch culinary creations.
Olive Events does a remarkable job in not only flavor and taste of their food, but also the delivery.  We love the presentation of everything this team produces whether it be a plated meal or a buffet- the display is beautiful.

2. Excellent Customer Service.
The team at Olive Events has excellent customer service and delivers time and time again with a smile on their face.  This catering company is what I would call at “boutique caterer” in that they aren’t so large that they bring in temporary servers to work an event.  Their service staff is with them each and every weekend so you know that you are getting the very best in service.  In addition, they are amazing to work with on the front side when it comes to planning your event to ensure it is customized and tailored to your taste.

3. The food, staff, and displays go above and beyond in exceeding expectations.
Olive Events is the full package when it comes to event catering to ensure they are delivering the best time and time again.

Tell us about your business, and what inspired you to get started?

I have been catering in Kansas City for almost (gasp!) 20 years. I went to culinary school with the intention of becoming a chef and restaurant owner. At that time, I started working catered events on the side and loved it. I enjoyed the creativity required from week to week and the opportunity to personalize each menu for each client.


What drives you to deliver the best in service and heart to your clients?

I have surrounded myself with the best in the business. Olive’s culinary team is driven to prepare creative, fresh, innovative food. And last, but certainly not least, our servers and bartenders at each event are dedicated to providing the best service possible.

All of us at Olive Events work hard, but we also have fun together. When you have worked together for 10+ years, you really do become family.


Olive Events sets the bar in terms of thinking outside the box with menu items and how it is displayed. Can you share some food trends that you are seeing right now?

Food trends we are currently seeing are heavily influenced from the South. Shrimp, grits, fried green tomatoes, peach pie and bourbon cocktails to name just a few. I’m constantly on the lookout of new, exciting recipes incorporating fresh ingredients, and pairing different flavors to provide a unique, flavorful experience.Olive-Events-Catering-Kansas-City

Every wedding has a different “taste” and we want to make sure we capture the vision of each event. Olive offers a sit-down meeting with a private tasting to create extraordinary menus for our clients. We provide them with seasonal samples of our favorite items; we can customize the tasting to their preferences; and we’ve also been known to try out new recipes with the latest trends during these meetings.

Providing this service opens the door to a conversation about what is in their dream wedding. We customize each menu item based on the client’s dream for the day, specific tastes, and budget.

We, at Olive, like being creative, working the funky hours, the camaraderie amongst friends, the pressure as well as the instant gratification. We like keeping up on the latest trends and not following the norm!


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