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Save the Date Etiquette

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Wedding plans have begun falling into place and now it is time to request that friends and family Save the Date for your wedding day.  While Save the Dates are a relatively newer concept, they are a preliminary invitation for your nuptials.  Much like wedding invitations, a wedding Save the Date sets the tone for how formal the event will be and the overall aesthetic of the wedding day.

Save the Date Etiquette

Here are some helpful tips to remember when sending out Save the Dates:

When should Save the Dates be sent out?

For local weddings, it is recommended that save the dates be sent out a minimum of five months prior to the wedding date.  If you are expecting a large amount of guests traveling in for your nuptials, the sooner the Save the Dates can be sent out, the better.  In the case of a destination wedding, Save the Dates should be sent out six months to one year prior to wedding date depending on the location and time of year.

Who should Save the Dates be sent to?

Save the Dates do not need to go to absolutely everyone on your guest list, however, they need to be sent to the guests that you will want to be present on the wedding day (parents, immediate family, closest friends, etc.).  Do not forget to include the option for a plus one (general rule: if there are rings on fingers, allow for a plus one) or a message that it is an adult’s only reception.  Save the Dates can assist parent’s in planning for childcare and helps the guest know who exactly is invited.  If you are unsure as to the name of the guest a friend would like to accompany them, the Save the Date can be addressed to Mr. John Doe and Guest.

What needs to be done prior to sending out Save the Dates?

While a date with both a ceremony location and reception location should be confirmed, it is also important to reserve a block of rooms at one to two preferred hotels within a short distance of the celebration and create a wedding website.  This wedding website should be listed on your Save the Date for those that will be traveling in from out of town and making travel arrangements.  Don’t forget to create an approximate wedding budget prior to inviting guests.  It is not advised to promise invitations and refrain from sending out formal invitations due to oversight in budgeting.

Wedding Save the Date Etiquette

What should my Save the Dates include?

At the very least, your Save the Dates should include the couple’s names, wedding date and wedding location (the exact venue does not need to be mentioned, but the city/state/country should be listed).   If possible, include the wedding website so guests can continuously check in for the most recent information and travel accommodations.  It is improper to place registry information on the Save the Date (and wedding invitation), this is another detail that can be added to the wedding website.

Additional Save the Date Thoughts.

Your Save the Dates set the tone for the overall wedding day.  Save the Dates can be letter-pressed, showcase an engagement photo or a simple postcard listing the date and some initial details of the event.  The most important thing is that your VIP guests are marking this day off in their calendars.  Remember, less is more!  If a card is sent, consider sending a Save the Date that will hang easily on the refrigerator or tucked into a calendar.

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Save the Date Etiquette | Nellie Sparkman Events & Stationery Studio

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