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What Makes A Great Engagement Ring?

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There are many things to consider when choosing an engagement ring ahead of your prospective wedding. It’s the first step on the road to a life together with your partner, and there are many things that should be taken into account. If you don’t know much about engagement rings and which factors matter most when choosing one, the information below should clear up some of those questions and provide the guidance you need when searching for the perfect engagement ring. 

The Cut of the Diamond

The cut of the diamond is one of the first things you will notice when you look at an engagement ring. This is essentially the shape and the angles of the cuts that you see. They change how the light is refracted and there are many different ways in which diamonds and other stones can be cut before being placed on the ring itself. This is certainly something you will want to pay close attention to. You know all that beautiful sparkle you see on someone’s finger?  That is related to the cut of the diamond.

Carat Weight of the Diamond

The carat weight is the size of the stone and how big it looks on the band.  Of course, the higher the weight, the bigger the investment.

Halo or Solitaire

The halo is the part of the ring that surrounds the stone and essentially holds it in place. A solitaire diamond ring is a ring with one single diamond. Top halo diamond engagement rings and Solitaire diamond engagement rings are popular with our couples.

The Color

The color of the stone and metal are very important in the overall deciding factor. Metals can be: platinum, silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, etc.  A stone color can come in a multitude of colors, although, we most often see diamonds.  Again this is something that comes down to preference but it’ll certainly have a big impact on the overall aesthetic and visual impact the ring has when you first set eyes upon it, so it’s not really something that can be overlooked.

The Band

The band itself might not be the main focus of the ring. After all, the stone tends to take all the attention. But that doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked entirely. You could get the band engraved with a special message for your partner. Little things like that make the ring personal and more meaningful than it might otherwise be.

It is always smart to ask for some insight from your future fiancé, their best friend or parent.  They may have a particular vision when it comes to their engagement ring.  Now that you have a better understanding of the various elements of an engagement ring, it is time to go shopping! 

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