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Give Your Man of Honor Props with one of these Memorable Gift Box Ideas

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So you’re bucking tradition and skipping a gal pal to have a Man of Honor at your wedding? Good for you! While Maid of Honor gifts are easy to think of (just think about what you’d love to receive) it can be tricky to come up with the perfect gift for a guy. 

We’ve curated this list of 11 memorable gift box ideas to help you find the perfect expression of gratitude for your Man of Honor.

1. Flasks with Personalized Poker Chips, Cards, Dice Gambling Gift Sets

flaskswithpersonalized pokerchipsWe were floored when we discovered what might be the most perfect gift box idea ever: this gambling gift set.

Fully customizable, this gift box comes in several different sizes with a selection of quotes to choose from that suit all different types of men be they explorers, hunters or gentleman. 

The pictured set is the large, and includes four flasks, stainless steel dice and shot glasses, poker playing cards, chips and even snack bowls. 

Poker night will be #instaworthy and make him think of you every time he antes up. Find this and other sets at GroomsmenGiftSource.com.

2. The Classic Gin & Tonic Gift Basket


It comes with a lime.

Few cocktails are as refreshing as a well-made G&T. Your Man of Honor will agree when he mixes the delicious Fever-Tree Tonic Water and Bombay Sapphire Extra Dry in this manly gift box. In addition to the booze, tonic and lime there’s also a cone of gourmet popcorn. 

You can peruse this and other boozy baskets at TheBroBasket.com.

3. MasterClass 


For the man who loves to learn.

While not a traditional box, there are few gifts that will be treasured more than a year’s subscription to MasterClass. 

This online platform offers classes in everything taught by top-notch professionals. Your dude can learn about cooking from Gordon Ramsay, singing from Christina Acquilera or Storytelling from David Sedaris. With tons of classes and experts to choose from the one-year membership will bring something of value to his life. 

And you can always make it into a box by getting a few related gifts and writing a nice note suggesting classes. Learn more about gift options at MasterClass.com

4. GQ’s Best Stuff Box


Why should girls have all the fun?

We’ve all seen–and many of us have received–a Fab, Fit, Fun box. 

Why are lifestyle boxes always aimed at women? Men also enjoy discovering new products and treating themselves. Thankfully the editors at GQ understand and have put together what we think is the perfect idea for a memorable Man of Honor gift box! 

This quarterly box includes grooming products, electronics and accessories tested and loved by GQ editors. The best part? There are all kinds of extras like discounts and videos. Learn more at BestStuffBox.GQ.com.

5. Bombfell: Men’s Personal Stylist Clothing Subscription


No matter how good he looks, he can look even better.

It’s easy to fall into a style rut but Bombfell will spice up any man’s wardrobe with clothes that fit his body, image and budget. Consistently ranked better than competitors like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, Bombfell focuses solely on men and doesn’t surprise the receiver with items. 

Instead he can look at his edit before it arrives and make sure that the clothes are what he wants to portray at work and at play. Cheaper than a personal stylist and way more enjoyable than shopping with his girlfriend, Bombfell delivers clothing and discounts. 

Our fav part of this box? Discounts for keeping items come at 2–you don’t have to keep the whole box to be rewarded. Sign him up at Bombfell.com.

6. Freshly Meal Delivery


Dude’s gotta eat!

We’ve all seen those commercials of couples and families enjoying cooking together with a meal kit. Some people want to be able to eat chef-prepared food at home without the fuss of cooking, even if the ingredients are measured and packaged. 

Enter Freshly, the meal kit that has healthy, all natural meals that are for one and can be prepared in three minutes. This service comes with options for the number of meals, can be skipped week-to-week if you’re traveling or eating out, and doesn’t use refined sugars or artificial ingredients. 

It’s home cooking at its absolute easiest and perfect for a busy guy or one who wants to eat well without dealing with grocery stores and cooking. Find the best plan for your Man of Honor at Freshly.com.

7. Vintage Beer Shirt Club

The perfect subscription for your Beer Snob of Honor.

Whether he’s shooting hoops, washing his car or running errands, your Man of Honor will absolutely love these vintage beer shirts. The club sends the first shirt within ten days of signing up and one shirt a month for three, six or twelve months. 

Or you can order a select number of months at the monthly rate of $24/shirt. With craft beer still being such a fun part of the zeitgeist, these shirts are great conversation starters and way better than the fake vintage tees he’s been holding onto from Old Navy.

Find plans and examples at VintageBeerShirtClub.com.

8. Movie Fest Gift Box with $10 Redbox Card


Give your Man of Honor the gift of his couch, a movie and candy.

Look, a night out at the movies is expensive. 

If you’ve got a movie buff for a Man of Honor he’ll love that you’ve provided him everything that’s good about the movies: candy, popcorn, the film of his choice and none of the nonsense: people texting, being embarrassed about that expensive candy counter haul. There are lots of options to choose from at CanterBerrygifts.com.

9. Red Wine, Cheese & Crackers Classic Collection Gift Box

WinebasketYou’d be so lucky to have your Man of Honor invite you over to share these goodies with you.

It’s a foodie’s dream: red wine paired snacks like meats, cheeses, crackers and nuts. 

Instead of trying to create a basket on your own, leave it to the experts to put together what works to surprise him with a great selection of treats perfect for entertaining or more than a few meals. If he’s more of a white wine fan, there are lots more options to choose from at winebasket.com.

10. Chocolate Man of Honor Proposal Gift Box


Pop the question to your Man of Honor with a super tasty and cute box of treats.

What better way to ask your favorite guy to be your Man of Honor than with these chocolate-covered jelly cubes. They come in a mix of flavors and the text will be in at least seven colors. For extra fun, have them delivered to you and scramble them up for him to decode. There’s no way he won’t say yes! 

Find these and similar proposal treats at Etsy.com.

11. Custom Explosion Boxes

If he’s impossible to shop for a custom explosion box is likely the perfect gift.

These are the most adorable gifts and perfect for the guy who has everything, or is tricky to shop for. First, select the mini cake you want. 

Next, select the box and fillings (like jerky or candy). Finally, customize the box with pictures and messages. Your box will arrive and when he lifts the cover it will fall flat revealing the pictures, goodies and cake. A lovely way to surprise him or even ask him to be your Man of Honor. Start customizing yours at SendACake.com.

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