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{Planner Getting Married} Delicious Food by Delish!

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{Planner Getting Married} Delicious Food by Delish!

I have done countless events with Delish! Catering and Events by Mary Berg and I must say, the experience is unsurpassed.

Let me break it down for you as to why I went with Delish!

  • The Food: Everything is FRESH and made from scratch.  When Mary and I sat down, we discussed what my Mister-To-Be and I enjoyed eating.  She then developed a menu based on that.  We were given a couple sample menus based on what Delish! had done for previous events, however, we were able to customize it to suit our taste, style and budget.  When Mister-To-Be moved to Kansas City, his goal was to try all Kansas City BBQ.  Our date nights and restaurant outings were based on BBQ.  For me, it is important that everything about our wedding day is a reflection of us and what we love.  Therefore, we will be serving good ol’ Kansas City Barbecue that represents our favorite restaurants and sides. (And yes, Mac and Cheese will also be served!)
  • The Style/Presentation:  Each and every one of your guests will go through the buffet line or be served.  Therefore, it was important to me that our food presentation had impact and a wow factor.  While we opted for a buffet (our family enjoys food!), we know that the presentation will be off the charts!  Delish! is known for their innovative, forward ideas and design in how they present their menu.
  • The Experience:  I have not only been a wedding coordinator alongside Delish! at various events, but I have also had the pleasure of being in a wedding party at one of their events.  Delish! goes above and beyond for the Bride and Groom.  They ensure that the newlyweds have a sampling of appetizers in addition to their favorite drink at their place setting upon their arrival.  While optional, they ask the new couple if they would like a server to prepare a dinner plate for them.  The staff is professional, courteous and have a can-do attitude!   Ultimately, I think this makes me that much more excited to have Delish! part of my wedding day.

I am sure I could list a thousand additional reasons why I chose Delish! Catering and Events by Mary Berg, but it is just making me hungry!


Happy Planning!



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