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3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Planning Advice

Choosing A Unique Ring

The engagement ring is the first step of your wedding coming to fruition. After proposing and the ring is on the finger, things start to feel really real! The engagement ring may not necessarily meet your exact standards, and making sure it does is crucial. After all, you will be rocking it for the rest of your life. While price may not be a factor, the sentiment of the ring certainly does. If you are looking for a beautiful, yet budget friendly ring, consider looking at harry winston rings price. Seeking professional advice when it comes to such an investment is always an excellent idea.

Style, sentiment and usually budget, are all important factors when selecting that perfect ring.  There are also many personal aspects to what makes an excellent engagement ring. I love seeing our Bride’s incorporate heirloom details, such as Grandma’s stone within their rings. Regardless, your engagement ring will be unique and special to you for all the right reasons.

Intimate Guest List

While there are many ways to make your big day more special, one of the most important comes down to those who are joining in the celebration.  Your wedding day is about the love between you and your partner. As much as you want to be surrounded by all of your loved ones, sometimes that can make the whole day overwhelming. Narrowing down your guest list to those that matter most may help in your overall budget and reduce stress of the day.

Having in intimate guest list gives more opportunity for conversation with each guest on a personal bases and the ability to truly create a quality guest experience.  A smaller guest count, gives couples the ability to talk to couples individually and make for a very intimate day.

Outsource Your Decor

With a smaller guest list and the more extensive details sorted, you can focus on the little details that will create a large impact.  Working with your wedding planner and local florist to create beautiful table scapes and settings, can be a fun way for you and your partner to create a lovely setting, without too much stress.  By outsourcing to a designer, you will find yourself focusing less on running around the city collecting hodge podge items and spending more time with your soon to be partner at dance class or tasting cake.  I always love seeing special details such as monogrammed linen napkins from Mere Fille Designs,  a custom cake table linen from La Tavola and specialty flatware at the head table.  These items can then be utilized post wedding when entertaining friends and family.

Use these simple ideas to add a bit more personality and character to your wedding day. The day is about you and your partner, so ensure focus on what you the details that will make the day unique and special to you and your love story.

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